Plants that bring positive energy in your life

Plants that bring positive energy in your life

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a part of almost everyone’s routine. Be it related to work or home, there are numerous things that decline the health and longevity of a person. The overburdening negative energy often leads to a decline in health. At times, it also becomes one of the major reason behind mental disturbance among people for which they end up taking therapies and counselling.

The positive energy in the home can help you big time in improving your health as well as the health of your family and loved ones. Positive vibes in the space where you spend most of your time lead to you feeling happy and satisfied and the simplest way to invite such positive vibes is to include plants in your space. Nature plays a pivotal role in changing the mood of a person and the overall atmosphere of a particular space. Plants have the natural capabilities to diminish the negative energy and inculcate fresh and positive energy in any given environment. They give a new sense of being and make the residents feel rejuvenated naturally.

Plants have always been more than mere decor element. You must add plants as the major part of your interior design scheme as they invite numerous benefits. They clean the air, they are known as the catalysts for noise reduction, act as the focal point for your decor and most importantly instil a sense of calmness in a given space. It’s like fostering wellness through nature’s best element out there. Even studies conducted across the world have proved that having plants can dramatically improve the mood of any space and make it immensely positive. Even NASA has released a list of plants which they keep in their offices and highly recommend to people as well. They say to maintain good health, satisfaction and productivity, one must have a plant every 100 meters in their space. The more greens you have, the more you feel better within.



Jasmine is the plant which boasts of beautiful white flowers. The plant has found a special place in the category of oils for its essential oil is used in many parts of Asia as a popular remedy to treat depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia since thousand of years. Jasmine is also known as the ‘couple’s plant’. It is a popular houseplant which invites positive energy for relationships. It is ideally kept in bedrooms due to their property of boosting positive vibes between relationships.

Jasmine plants are known as relationship nourishing agents. Plus, their calming aroma soothes a troubled mind, boost confidence and optimism. If you are planning to bring home Jasmine then we recommend you to place it near your south-facing window to enjoy most of its benefits while keeping it healthy.



Rosemary is a popular plant when it comes to purifying the air. This fragrant plant belongs to the mint family Lamiaceae and has numerous health benefits. It has a plethora of medicinal benefits which are used since ancient times to treat numerous health conditions.

The aroma of Rosemary is incredibly effective in lifting the mood, reducing fatigue, fighting anxiety and even improving your memory retaining power. It is popularly known as ‘peace plant’, as everything in Rosemary plants invites mental peace. Such plants definitely deserve a place in your home for the complete well-being of your loved ones.


Source: gardeningexpress

Aloe Vera is a good vibe plant. Popularly known as the plant that heals body and atmosphere, this plant contains benefits that stretch the bounds of good health and extends up to fighting off negative and bad vibes. Plus, maintaining an Aloe plant is way easier. It requires minimal to low maintenance. You can place them anywhere in the home providing it indirect sunlight and regular watering. Just remember they can’t tale standing water thus proper drainage is a must. Ensure the planter in which you pot your plant in must have proper drainage holes.

Bonasila planters are manufactured with special water management system help you drain the water of the planter without causing any mess in your space. The excess water gets stored in the bottom through the pores and through a special plug in the bottom corner, you can drain the excess water out at your convenience.

Aloe plants add quite and subtle grace to the room and act as your personal natural first-aid kit. From common acne to soothe a simple burn, aloe plants are popular for their utility in remedies. We recommend you place these plants near your passageways as it will absorb all the negative energies in the home. Or you can embellish your living rooms where you entertain your guests.

Peace Lily

Source: naturescolours

Peace Lilies are a must for people who suffer from asthma problems. They are one of the most popular plants who play an active role in purifying the air. The leaves of these plants are known to breakdown the air and neutralize the indoor harmful gases thus reducing the chances of asthma and headache. It detoxes air from gases like benzene and formaldehyde.

The best part about having peace lilies are low maintenance. With almost negligible maintenance you get beautiful flowers with a splendid aroma at home. They grow best in dark areas thus you can keep them in your basement even in the corner of your bedroom where sunlight dosen’t reach. It’ll act as your perfect decor partner and provide you with tranquillity and restful sleep.


Source: howtoculinaryherbgarden

The most common plant found in the Indian homes, basil is a large and important part of Hindu culture and Indian Ayurveda. It is believed that growing basil in one’s home invites positive energy and rids the atmosphere from any negative energy. It acts as a spiritual healing in the environment around.

It is one of those plants that emit oxygen 20 hours per day and play a very active role in absorbing gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the environment thus giving your fresh and healthy atmosphere most of the hours of the day. It has a major impact on the overall well-being as well due to its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. From the common cold to fever to digestive issues, the leaves of basil are used to treat plenty of health problems.

Looking for a perfect plant pot for your positive plants?

We know you are in search of a beautiful planter that upholds the magnificence of your happy plant. Bonasila designs and manufactures decorative friberglass planters in multiple colours, designs and sizes to fit your decor plans. Whether you are looking to decorate your bedroom with a teeny-tiny planter or your patios with tall planters, we have plant pots in every size to ensure your decor plans are perfectly met.

FRP planters are best to have due to their numerous advantages. They are lightweight. Long-lasting, durable, UV protected, frost resistant, weather resistant, support direct or indirect planting, flawless construction and act as attractive decor enhancers. Bonasila FRP Planters live up to the expectations of classy style statements that are equally functional. Bring home Bonasila planters and transform your spaces with happy vibes.

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