How do plants affect human health: 3 major benefits of Plants

How do plants affect human health: 3 major benefits of Plants

Plants churn out oxygen. In their process of the cycle, what they produce is what’s most crucial for human survival. Mother Nature is great indeed. It is a relationship built on give-and-take, though the giver, as always, has been the nature only. And we humans, have done enough to cause harm and destruction. Plants, for that matter, has been one of the major reasons why we are existing, breathing, and most importantly, breathing healthy. They make the environment. We might as well be able to imagine a life without technology, big-shot building, and world-class lifestyle, but it is almost impossible to imagine an existence without this green beauty around us.

Plants are the only organisms who have the capability to transform the sun’s energy into food and further give out the oxygen gas without which we wouldn’t be able to survive. Further, they extend their care to the rest of every living organism–providing a living habitat for animals, reptiles and birds. In fact, in larger tropical landscapes, plants play a major role in changing the rainfall pattern. There is a massive reason why the Amazon forest is known as the ‘lungs of the earth’. It basically alters the climate.

Keeps the stress miles away
Little less known fact that having plants around people reduces the stress levels instantly. Many people when having greens near them instinctively feel more at ease. Plants are inherently known as the agents of stress busting. We actually do feel way less stress when plants are around us. Plants have the ability to transform the building into a quieter place. It is said that having more plants in buildings make them quieter and more relaxed, and at the same time, far more stimulating and interesting than before.

Also, as per a recent study academic study conducted, it is found that having plants properly set-up in the interiors of homes and townships has dramatically positive effects on the wellbeing of residents. Interior landscaping, all in all, aims to enhance the quality of life.

Moving on to the workspaces. We can’t stress over the fact that plants are a must to have in office spaces. Their benefits do not succumb to mere looks and aesthetics rather have a massively remarkable effect on the office employees as well. Having plants in offices, especially the offices that require tasks to be completed on creative levels such as advertising agencies, communication offices, and more, plants are a must. They are known to increase the productivity of employees. But, don’t limit yourself to just keeping them in creative spaces only, rather for all the offices it should be considered the most important element for it is a proven fact that having plants near employees keeps them healthy which in turn results in them taking fewer sick leaves. Further, to add more weightage towards the plant fact, they make the people happy naturally and helps them making fewer mistakes than before. The lively aspect of plants makes the people feel as if they have a partner to share their load with which reduces their work stress and in turn keeps them happy.
Having plants in your office space does not merely elevates your aesthetic standards but the entire interior landscaping boosts the happy mood of the environment altogether.

Even in hospitals, you must have encountered plants being arranged in lines or near the patient’s rooms. It is said that patients in hospitals benefit greatly when they are kept in touch with even a small element of nature. Also, placing plants in a row near such places helps the relatives of the patients as well. When they take a walk between the plant set-up, be it to go out to get medicine or generally, their stress and worry reduces than before. Next time when you are in a hospital, do look out for such an arrangement. You will certainly come across such set-up near the ICU buildings or near the cafeteria.

The happy environment isn’t limited to offices, hospitals or homes. There is solid evidence that students have performed better in environments where plants are kept. They are a drastic improvement in the learning environment results in better performance by the students.

Repairs the quality of air
Due to multiple factors such as pollution, the chemicals released by the paint of furniture and walls, the daily cooking, excessive noises, inadequate control of light and many other, a modern phenomenon of illness has emerged within homes. It is known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), it arises due to the numerous reasons and basically degrades the quality of air within homes. This bad air, when inhaled by the residents, stimulates numerous diseases and weaken the immunity system day by day.

Scientists have agreed that having plants in homes can actually fight all these factors and help improve the quality of air altogether. Since plants have a larger surface area and are involved in the process of generating gases and exchanging them, they alone act as the soldiers to fight many of the issues causing the birth of SBS.

There is no certain research which signifies how many plants can completely purify the air quality but having at least two mid-sized plants can do a lot of damage-control. In fact, NASA has also released a list of plants which they themselves keep in their work areas and also recommend to keep within houses to inculcate a healthy lifestyle among people. Plants are known to remove the volatile chemical toxins from the air which in turn improves the quality of air. We aggressively recommend having plants in spaces with kids. The increasing pollutants are necessary to fight off and indoor plants are good for the health of the future generation. Thus, ensure that you have plants in your balconies at least.
Here we have listed a few of the many benefits of plants especially the ones placed indoors.

  • Plants reduce carbon-di-oxide
  • They reduce the levels of certain harmful pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen
  • They help in increasing humidity
  • They keep the air temperatures in control
  • Plants play a major role in reducing airborne dust levels

Lessens the background noise like a pro
You must have seen the road bifurcated with a long arrangement of plants in a row. Did you ever wonder why? No, the reason is not limited to mere aesthetics and greenery. Plants have been used as the major element to reduce the noise levels from busy roads. In fact, according to recent research, it has been proved that plants dramatically reduce the background noise levels even inside the buildings, too.

There have been numerous studies conducted which indicate that the surface areas of plants, namely leaves, stems, branches and more, absorb, diffract and reflect the background noise. Thus, the absorption makes the environment less noisy and comfortable for the residents and occupants. There is a whole list of plants that are strongly recommended to be kept in busy places, lobbies, restaurants and more such crowded spaces that invite buzz as their noise absorption is higher than the usual plants resulting in a calmer atmosphere. Also, plants absorb best in acoustically lice spaces, mostly those that feature hard surfaces. Which is why interior landscaping is in demand now especially for hotels and resorts. The hospitality sector has seen a tremendous rise in this section and even it has become increasingly important to have a solid plant plan within hotels to even attain that 5-star rating.

To transform your workspace or home or any space, for that matter, you need to have plant. Make it tranquil and calming, making people enjoy the arena, a complete state of bliss and relaxation with just a couple of plants. Brings home plants and witness the changes like never before. The benefit of plants are numerous and including them aesthetically in your interior design scheme will certainly prove beneficial for you.

Looking for a perfect planter?
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