Effortless Latest Gardening Trends for Indoor Gardeners

Effortless Latest Gardening Trends for Indoor Gardeners
15 May, 2020

The indoor gardening is back in the trends, but not only for aesthetic reasons. When gardening is considered to be a therapeutic activity, it is also proven that living around nature is extremely beneficial for our mental and physical health. Now, in the time when urbanization is only rapidly increasing, the people do not have easy access to nature nor do they have enough space for outdoor gardening. Therefore, growing plants and trees inside their houses the best option through which they can leverage the numerous health benefits from plants and trees.

If you are one of them who likes to accentuate the beauty of your house and also receive many health benefits from growing plants indoors, here are some of the best and easy to implement indoor gardening trends that will fulfill your planting goals and needs.

Create a Zen Garden in the Entrance, Under the Stairs or Secluded Room

Zen garden is usually small that fosters contemplation and relaxation which makes it perfect for an indoor garden. Its soothing nature not only helps in reducing stress but also helps with life-threatening physical conditions such as heart problems. You can grow small plants such as bonsai for the freshness and the feel of nature and also fill some water in a container or pot that enhances the serenity in the surroundings. Zen garden is the perfect indoor garden that will give you many mental and physical health benefits. To enhance the aesthetics of your Zen garden, you can also choose designer planters and step up your interior décor.

Grow Your Own Vegetables and Herbs in Kitchen or Balconies

Although growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs has been a trend for a long time, it is going to be trending, becoming more normal in each household due to the effects of a pandemic from COVID 19. When the chances of infections have skyrocketed through raw food ingredients as well as their availability is also challenging, growing our own vegetables, fruits and herbs are not only safe and healthy but also convenient. Therefore, it won’t be shocking if people across the world start growing their basic cooking ingredients inside their homes. You can easily grow peas, beetroot, cilantro, lemons, parsley, mint, aloe vera, etc. in your kitchen or balcony. If you are the one who prefers aesthetically pleasing indoors, you can also grow colourful flowers in decorative indoor flower pots or designer planters that compliment your interior design.

Create a Living Wall in Sunroom

If you do not have enough outdoor space or if you wish to spend more time indoors all the while experiencing the freshness of outdoors, creating a living wall in your sunroom is the perfect way to go. Indoor gardening can seem minimal at times, hence you can choose to create a living wall in your sunroom, entrance, balcony, etc. If you have an extended space like a patio, you can create a wall where you can grow small plants such as succulents, flowers, herbs, etc. that not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also give you the breath of fresh air inside your house. To make your space more aesthetically pleasing, you can choose designer planters for your plants.

Add Colour in Your Living Room or Entertainment Room

With unique and vibrant décor being in trend, plants especially flowers indoors are becoming quite popular. When you decorate your house, the colours and style reflect your personality. When you may not be able to paint your walls with bold colours blue and yellow, you can easily showcase bold colours through your colourful plants/flowers and designer planters to demonstrate your vibrant personality and style. To step up your contemporary and modern taste while decorating your house, you can get different sizes and shapes of plant pots online. There are not just colourful flowers and plants. There is also a vast variety of colours in designer planters online in India from which you can choose the ones that reflect your personality.

So dress your rooms like the living room and entertainment room with bold colurs and designer planters that not only reflect your personality but also go well with the mood. Pick colours theme-wise such as use red, orange and yellow or blue, white, purple, etc.

Where can you buy designer planters?

Bonasila manufactures and supplies customized fiberglass planters with a modern and sophisticated touch. From different colours to their shades, shapes, and sizes, you can customize your planters as per your space, design requirements, and likings. When they are lightweight, they are also durable which makes them perfect for indoor gardening.

We understand that it may be challenging to decorate your indoors with planters. Hence, our experts at Bonasila can help you choose the most suitable planters that fulfil all your planting as well as décor requirements. To know more about Bonasila Designer Planters, contact our experts now.

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