Best ways to decorate your bedroom interiors

Your bedroom is your personal space to unwind and relax. Though not many people come down to see your bedroom, it still plays a major part in reflecting your style and taste. It is your own sanctuary to rest–keeping the worries at bay. Which is why it must be decorated equally well with things and elements that soothe your mood and bring you peace.

There’s a lot that can be done when it comes to the bedroom. From colour patterns to furniture and even the carpet counts–everything has to be in order to let you discard the stress of the day. After the long day at work, all you look for is a quiet place to gain back the energy and do something you like. Therefore, it is very important to have a well-decorated bedroom for your comfort and healthy sleeping.

Here we have brought you a tiny yet info-loaded list of things to consider while decorating your bedrooms. Follow these basic rules and you can do a whole lot of changes by yourself without having to hire a professional interior decor.

Choose the right colour theme


The colour pattern in your bedroom plays a very important role in influencing your mood.  A darker shade in the bedroom can add to the cranky mood you might be having due to some stress. Thus, it is better to go ahead with subtle colours instead of the primary. A restful shade can bring you to ease and make you want to relax. A restful palette of monochromatic tone is best for your bedroom walls.

Also, bright colours do not stimulate sleep. Warm colours such as pastel colours, earthy colours, and natural colours are comforting and blend easily with any furniture and decor elements. In fact, there is a popular colour theory: gentle hues of blue or lavender and green are considered calm and serene. Use toned down version of your favourite colours if at all you want to stick your darling shades. Which means, we suggest you choose pumpkin instead of tangerine or mauve instead of eggplant.

Don’t Ignore the wall ceiling


The ceiling is the fifth wall of your bedroom and it must not be ignored. Instead of having a bland surface to look at when you lie down on your bed, you can add patterns or soft colours. We recommend you paint the ceiling with a lighter shade than the colour of the walls. It aggravates intimacy and gives you a feeling of relaxation.

You can also put on wallpaper or stencil on the ceiling. Further, add architectural elements through decorative paint treatment. The popular way is to add a classic chandelier or moulded medallion of delicate shades bringing colours, pattern and texture to your fifth wall. If you have a high ceiling, adding lighting will prove to be an exceptionally good idea. You can also try dropped beam ceiling lights to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Choose the right size furniture


Before jumping into purchasing your long-desired king-size bed (or any size bed for that matter), always consider your bedroom spacing. Understand your flooring and measure how much space you can allot to your bed. The bed should be able to breathe inside the room with ample space to move from one corner to another. You may also have a pair of chairs or a tiny library and of course your wardrobe, right there. Thus, a thorough understanding or your indoor space is a must.

Don’t choose an over-sized bed with huge dresser. If you have tall ceilings, a tall headboard will help you bring down the size. If you have a large bedroom, choose furniture that fits. Sometimes small furniture gets lost in the room. You can have a chair or a piece of furniture at the end of the bed.

Store things competently

Don’t have your things open and about. Rather, store them inside. If you have bags, extra sheets, pillows or other things, then get a storage bed or bench at the foot of the bed where you can keep those things easily. Storing redundant things out of sight makes the room look calm and roomy. You can have a table next to your bed or near your chair area with drawers where you keep your important files, make-up, reading glasses, lotions or any other accessories.

Have a headboard with built-in shelves to keep easily-reachable books or accessories. You can further keep the empty boxes under the bed and hide them properly with a beautiful bed-skirt. It’s all about tiny details that eventually add up to a serene space.

Your own private space


Even inside your bedroom, you need a place where you can read blissfully, sip your coffee, or simply open your laptop and complete your work. Not everything is done on sitting over the bed. This special corner of your bedroom can be decorated as well. If you have a large window then you can transform it into a window bench, add cushions, and even have your tiny library placed close by.

By using miniature sofas, cushions, pillows you can have your own private space if the ledge is not big enough to convert into a seat. This opening where you let the outdoors inside is enough to create your dreamy set.

Keep the bedroom simple and tidy

Your bedroom must look sophisticated and classy. Don’t cramp up many things in the name of decor. For an easy movement, keep at least 3 feet space between your bed and the walls and between the other furniture and the bed. Don’t overcrowd it with redundant things. Your bedroom must have a bed, a side table, chairs are a necessity, and a dresser, probably a tiny shelf-library (but that depend on your habits)–everything else will be a clutter. So try to keep minimal and simple.

Accessories too should be minimal. Have two or so pieces of artwork. You can decorate your walls with family photos but don’t hang them around for the sake of it. Have a proper arrangement. You can add flowers, candles, to decorate further.

The basic elements

Have your windows covered with beautiful curtains. Dress your windows with opaque roller blinds. Follow the same colour pattern when it comes to your linens. Add carpet if you have enough space near your seating area or at the end of your bed. It’s good to have ambient lighting in the whole room. Small lamps to focus on light reading etc are good options to have.

Plants to add life

Plants are the best way to decorate any space, be it your bathroom or your bedroom. They blend everywhere seamlessly and bring numerous benefits with them. You don’t necessarily have to have a plant right in front of your window. There are plants that easily grow in the dark and require minimal maintenance. These type of low-maintenance plants are best for interior decor and you can do a lot with these.


You can have a tiny planter over your reading table, or near the window. You can place large planters near your dresser or in the corner of your space where nothing else seems to fit. There are literally a thousand ways to use plants for your indoor home decor.

Apart from these, if you still want to have a really personalized look, you can always hire a professional to do so. They will incorporate your needs in drafting a legitimate decor plan for you. Of all things, we can help you with planters.

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FRP planters are best due to numerous reasons, few of them being, lightweight, durable, and reliable. We have an in-house team of adept designers and craftsmen. Our designers with years of industry expertise, understand the decor trends and produce planter designs that are finest and contemporary. Then the craftsmen bring these to life with fiberglass.

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