Best ways to decorate your apartment balcony
decorate apartment balcony

Best ways to decorate your apartment balcony

When you don’t want to leave your personal cosy space and still have a sneak peek to what’s happening outside, your balcony comes to the rescue. It is that one spot where you can experience the outdoor scenic beauty by standing right in your private space. Many times while decorating or designing the interiors, people often neglect the importance that balcony decoration holds. They give minimal attention to it and we recommend against it.

With the right elements and decoration, you can make your balcony the most comfortable space in your home. It is the place of relaxation in your home, the natural welcoming route and probably the fine line between your home and the world outside. Here we have discussed some of the best ways through which you can add a pragmatic life to your apartment balcony.

Balcony Flooring
Let’s start from the floor itself. Instead of having simple flooring, you can have a green rug on it. Artificial green carpet or a turf rug that imitates the lawn will give a beautiful look to your balcony grounds. If your balcony is roofed then you can go ahead with wooden floors. They will give your balcony a wood-like feel. They look classy and smells good wood too. But keep in mind, if you have a white flooring in the entire apartment then you better not jump into wooden as it would break the aesthetics of your space.

Apartments with a fixed theme can also play around with a whole load of floor fabric materials. For example, you can choose a good fabric based on the colour of your indoors and have beautiful planters placed over them. Even if your fondness with wooden dosen’t let you choose anything else, then you can go ahead with placing fabric over the wooden flooring that goes along with your interior theme. Floor fabric can be your life-saver, in this case, your floor aesthetics savior.

Also, having fabric below the planters will not allow the extra dirt or water to spread on the floor. You can place a black and white patterned fabric over an artificial rug and have white pebbles around it. Or you can go for a Japanese garden look, where the flooring is compact wooden tiles. By placing a wooden bench over is like icing on the cake. Based on what your space permits, you can place multiple pieces of furniture and have pebbles decorated around your planters elegantly.

In process of giving balcony the perfect look, people overuse the colours in their balcony. For example, it is good to have yellow flooring and yellow-ish and white patterned fabric over the floor but it is not advisable to use red fabric over yellow flooring and on the top of that add planter in myriad colours. When decorating balcony stick to maximum three of four colours.

Balcony Railing
Your balcony railing is the second most important change that you can enhance. A good railing can potentially transform the complete look of a balcony. But we understand that balcony railings many times are unchangeable as they are the part of the apartment. And the landlord won’t let you mess with just one balcony railing and disturb the aesthetics of the entire building. We get that and that is why we have ideas which you can implement on the existing railing.

You can install a shelf and have your planter fit inside them. It will give a floating planter look over the railing and trust us, you will look fab. Having flowerboxes installed on the railing and placing light and small planters over them can give your balcony a classy and minimalistic look.

If you are in for the change of the railing itself then maybe you can start considering the usual 2×2 wooden railings. Since they are inexpensive, they are prominently chosen by many people. If you want to go more stylish then you can consider PVC or vinyl railings. In such railings, the colour constraint is high as the widely available colour is white. Though they are convenient and modern, you don’t get to explore more classy colours, and not everywhere white is appropriate. Moving another level ahead is glass railing. Sophisticated and the best ones in the market which goes for every home. You have acrylic, solid panels, and so many other options to play around with. Having steel decorative borders over glass panels is another best part of having a glass railing. You will get ample choices to choose from.

Also, though we have mentioned here the type of railing available out there, you can always get customized railings done. There is a number of operators out there who offer custom-railing service. Get the advice of a professional interior designer and see what you have in mind is doable and aesthetically good or not.

Now you would want to sit comfortably in your balcony sipping hot coffee, enjoying your view of the moving city, don’t you? The importance of having the perfect furniture for your balcony cannot be ignored. You don’t want to swamp your space with oversized furniture or swing chairs. Neither would you want to have an uncomfortable chair which drowns all your enjoyment down the hole?

Right selection is paramount. The first step to choosing the right furniture is analysing your balcony space. Based on the space that your balcony permits, go down to the market. A rocking chair goes for every balcony. If you are the person who loves spending their morning in the balcony then you must go for a mid-size rocking chair. Moving on, if you are one of those who loves to have dinner dates outside and have friends over and then you can a tiny barbeque alongside a bench good enough to make two people comfortably sit. You can also try the small attached tables. You can just hang them over your railing and keep your coffee or book on the top. Minimalistic beauty and class it showcases from the outside and equally usable it remains from the inside.

Decorative Elements
Other than the flooring, railing, furniture, what you can do to improve your balcony aesthetics is to include beautiful elements. Start with having small lanterns. Decor specific lanterns are available in the market; you can get the simple ones where you can light up an incense candle within. Hanging them or even placing them strategically can give a wonderful outlook.

Hanging baskets are in trend now. You can get hanging baskets and have either plants in them or fill them with water for birds to drink. Hanging baskets have become the floral or green statement of balcony today. People who love having a green balcony filled with plants often go for hanging baskets.

Other than these, you can hang frames outside or decorate your plants with lighting. Also, you can have a proper shelf for planters installed in either corner or alongside the door. Thus instead of placing the planters on the floor, you can line them up from top to bottom on the shelf. Shelves are also available in colours, styles, designs; plus the best part is you can custom-make it as per the size of your balcony.

Plants and Planters
The final step towards having the perfect balcony is green plants. Decorate your outdoors with beautiful plants potted in equally beautiful planters and there you go, you’ll have the finest balcony ever. You can get planters in various sizes based on the plants you are planning to have. Many people create a tiny garden in their balcony itself and that acts as their private teeny-tiny garden–which is another lovely thing to do.

Plants are the perfect decor elements for any space. They bestow a very homely feeling and gives a dose of nature. If your balcony gives you the view of a busy street or a big building right in the centre of the city then do go for plants, it’s like having your own personal natural space.

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  1. Adrian Jones
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    It’s great you talked about getting glass railings for the house since they add an element of decor to a house and you can use it as an extra art installation if needed. Another thing to consider is that you can also use these kinds of railings to help support a balcony out on the terrace so that you can have plants growing on it. If I had the chance to get a glass railing or two then I would definitely be able to try decorating with it should I get the chance.

  2. Tyler Johnson
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    I agree that changing you the handrail could make a big impact on the balcony. I feel like that would increase your curb appeal if you had a nice looking handrail as well. I should consider getting a nice glass one installed so that my house would look nicer.

  3. Ethan Hansen
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    Thanks for mentioning that railing can add beauty to your apartment balcony. My wife and I want to make our new apartment look modern. We’ll be sure to keep your ideas in mind as we search for someone to help us out!


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